Winners Microsoft ICT Innovation Awards 2016

Educational and Training

Innovation Awards Winner the Education Catergory is SUKUUL
WINNER: Sukuul Solutions

Product : Sukuul e-Learning Center
Contact: Barine Kenneth Njagi Tel:0736850516
County based: Kiambu
Instead of the teacher being the sole source of knowledge and information, Sukuul e-Learning Center empowers the students to learn on there own. Launched in 2013, Sukuul online learning center allows students to access multi-media learning resources, allowing students to Interact real time with teachers and fellow classmates from schools across the country. Students access the online suukul platform with mobile phones or on their laptops where they can watch video clips and audio and 3D images on the subjects of choice. Start conversation with students from across the country and share learning tips.

RUNNER-UP: Ennovate Limited
Microsoft Innovation Awards Runners up in the Education categorg is Shule Poa

Product : ShulePro
Contact: Samson Wanjohi Ndumia Tel:+254719181818
County based: Nairobi
Delivery of student progress to parents is a tedious and costly process for schools.ShulePro is a local solution that allows teachers and guardians to track their students' performance, helps in the schools accounting/ school fees receipting with an audit trail for auditors.The benefit of shulePro is that it is built for the local 8-4-4 system and its easy to install. The online cloud based platform also provides faster accounting in schools.

Financial services

WINNER: Abacus Finance
Microsoft Innovation Awards Winner in the Financial Category is ABACUS

Product: Abacus
Contact: Joel Ng'aNg'a Macharia Tel:+254712210600
County based: Nairobi
Abacus helps both local and diaspora Kenyans access financial investments such as stocks, bonds, and unit trusts, via web and mobile. Currently, accessing proper financial information to inform investments in financial markets is difficult. Long archaic processes for opening and managing investment accounts limits adoption of consumer facing technology. Launched in 2015 Abacus’ ambition is to make it easy to make and manage investments. As long time investors in the NSE, founders of Abacus believe their product can channel more direct investment to the country.

County Solutions

WINNER: Simple Trace Systems
Microsoft Innovation Awards Winner in the County Govt Solutions category is SIMPLE TRACE SYSTEMS. Presented to Daniel Njoroge

Product: Simple Trace Systems
Contact: Daniel Njoroge Ng'ang'a
County based: Thika
The Kenya government across its ministries, departments and counties have a negative fuel efficiency of -24.6%. There is an average of 10% unauthorized private mileage and the government is under staffed to monitor over 11,000 vehicles efficiently. Simple Trace seek to solve this challenges through automation and help save the government over Shs 2.4 billion that is lost on fuel theft and unauthorized mileage. The Simple Trace platform enables government officers in charge of transport to efficiently monitor work tickets, vehiclefuelling processes and fuel cards. Launched in 2015, Simple Trace is already in six counties.

RUNNER-UP:Strathmore Research and Consultancy Center (SRCC)
Microsoft Innovation Awards Winner in the E-Government category is COUNTY-PRO

Product: County Pro
Website: and
Contact: Tirus Wanyoike Kamau Tel:+254723885209
County based: Nairobi
Previously there had been a lot of bureaucracy, cumbrous paperwork when access government services. County Pro is an online system that enables county governments to collect and manage revenue. It also enables citizens to easily access county government services online. Now in three counties, Countypro, is an all- in-one Integrated System that delivers Business Intelligence and Electronic Payment Systems for counties. Taita Taveta County enjoyed an increase in revenue in the month of May 2015 by 73% thanks to CountyPro. CountyPro brings anytime anywhere access to the Government, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Microsoft Innovation Awards Winner in the Agriculture category is SOKOpepe Limited

Product: FARMIS - Farm Records Management Information Systems
Contact: JAMES NGUO IMPWI Tel:+254733888164
County Based: Meru
Lack of accurate farm records locks many small scale farmer out of interventions being offered by various agencies and financial institutions. Only accurate farm records can enable the farmers appreciate farming as a business and create evidence base for assessing farmers’ creditworthiness.FARMIS is a solution that helps farmers understand how much they invest in their farm and how much they make at the end of the season. FARMIS is combines both analogue and digital data collection to provide web and mobile based farm record management. Through a smart phone, farmers manage a structured farm book tailor made for each region and one that provides regular updates and agricultural production reports.

Environmental Management

WINNER: New-Edge Technologies
Microsoft Innovation Awards Winner in the Environment category is NEWEDGE Technologies

Product: Free-cooling solution deployed on Telecom Nodes
Contact person: Daniel Nyango Kiplimo Tel:+254720829363
County Based: Nairobi
New Edge Technologies’ solution is a replacement of active air conditioners which uses a lot of electricity and emits carbon to the environment. By using natural ambient air to cool telecom equipment in remote areas. New-Edge Technology’s solution is promoting clean energy. Their installations use naturally natural ambient air saving telcos millions of shillings.

Gender Youth and Vulnerable Groups

WINNER: Nairobits

Product: Trust Leveraging on Technology to Transform Lives
Contact: Rukia Abdallah Sebit Tel:+254725060516
County: Nairobi
Since 1999, Nairobits Trust an organization aimed at empowering marginalized youth living in the urban non-formal settlements has been able to transform the lives of over 7,000 youth.With information resource centres in some of the largest informal centres in Nairobi, Nairobits provides youth with training in ICT multimedia, entrepreneurship, in order to give young people a chances in the formal employment sector.Nairobits has partnered with 32 reputable ICT companies in Kenya that offer internship placement to our graduates. Out of these interns, 90% are retained in the same companies.

IT Services

WINNER: Bunifu Technologies
Microsoft Innovstion Awards - ICTservices Category Bunifu Technologies

Product: Bunifu Antivirus
Contact: Wilberforce Seguton Tel:+254729009764
County based: Baringo
Bunifu Antivirus is a locally developed antivirus. It provides data protection to PC users with a unique ability allowing USB data recovery and immunization.


WINNER: Enchanted Landscapes
Microsoft Innovation Awards Winner in the Tourism Category is Enchanted Landscapes. Presented to Henry Muuthia

Product: Enchanted Landscapes - online travel guide and website
Contact: Henry Kimathi Muuthia Tel:0721246723
County based: Nairobi
There is more to Kenya as tourist destination than the Mara and Mount Kenya.Enchanted Landscapes is an online travel guide and website that enables travellers to choose from a wide selection of destinations.A unique dual review platform allows both travellers and professionals to review an attraction listed on Enhanced Landscapes. With carefully written and peer-reviewed online content, Enchanted Landscapes is putting the best Kenya has to offer the world at world’s doorstep.

Water and Sanitation

WINNER: Nairobi City Water And Sewerage Company
Microsoft Innovation Awards Water and Sanitation category is NAIROBI WATER AND SEWARAGE.Presented to Martin Nangole

Product: Jisomee Mita And Water ATM
Contact: Martin W.K Nangole Tel:0722317018
County based: Nairobi
Jisomee Mita And Water ATM is a mobile filed solution that allows people in informal settlements to read and pay for water and sewerage on daily consumption based on daily income (kadogo economy) using a basic phone. Residents in informal settlements buy 20 litres of water at 50 shillings compared to urban rich residents who pay just 5 shillings for metered water.Jisomee also addresses the non-revenue water challenge the Nairobi City Water Company faces, which stands at 38% to 36% loss. By providing a solution that allows customer to read the water meter on daily basis and pay through mobile money, the Water Company has improved revenue collection from KES 100,000 monthly collection to KES 5 million collection.

County Initiatives

WINNER: Machakos County
Microsoft ICT AwardWinner in the County Initiative is Machakos County..Presented to Nicholas Kakwe.jpg

Product: Emergency Services Call Center System
Contact: Nicholas Kimanzi Kakwe Tel:07216110611
The Machakos Emergency Services Call Center System allows citizens to report emergencies within Machakos County to call centers. The solution helps in ambulances and other emergency fleet dispatch and management. All Machakos Citizens faced with emergence cases call 999 or 112 from their mobile phones. The calls are mapped to the nearest call center.The Emergency Service System gives respondents the ability to track the emergency fleet online and dispatch the nearest available ambulance from the incident in order to save time. The tracking helps to make sure the ambulance attends to the victims. The call to the national emergency number 999 or 112 is configured to our nearest call center (Mwala, Mavoko, Machakos, Kangundo and Yatta). Real time reports helps informs policy. Use of locals helps in locating the victims and fast services delivery.Since its launch in 2014, the Machokos Emergency Services Call Center System has served more than 17,000 citizens in distress.

RUNNER-UP: Kiriniyaga County
Innovation Awards County Innitiave Runnes Up revenue collection App presented to  Elliud Kariuki

Product: Kirinyaga County Automated Revenue Collection & Management System
Contact:Ellud Ndirangu Kariuki Tel:+254724382026
The Kirinyaga County Automated Revenue Collection & Management System helps the county maximize on collection of revenue and managing the collections. The Solution also assists in revenue projection & keeping track of the daily collections on all revenue sources.County staff are finding the system very efficient and effective. The County has also brought on board local SACCOS to collect revenue on behalf of the county thus increasing payment touchpoints. Convenience in making payments thus reduced number of defaulters.

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