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Past ICT Innovation Awards

The Connected ICT Innovation Awards celebrate Kenyan entrepreneurs that have launched new ICT products and services. The inaugural awards were held in 2011 at the Connected Kenya Summit; the award has since recognized more than 45 new ICT products and solutions.

The awards are designed to highlight innovation that meets Kenya’s blueprint vision to build a vibrant middle income economy by the year 2030. Participants are asked to submit proof of their innovation in one of 13 categories derived from the v2030 economic pillar. The categories are:

  • Agriculture
  • Education and Training
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Environment
  • Housing and Urbanization
  • Gender, Youth and Vulnerable groups
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Social Equity
  • Business Process Outsourcing/Offshoring
  • Financial Services
  • How it works

    A month before Connected Summit, a call for entries is advertised inviting Kenyan companies that have innovative ICT products in the market to submit their product or service. The eligibility criteria requires applicant to meet the following requirements:

    1. Company officially registered in Kenya
    2. Product or service that is complete and has been in use for at least 6 months
    3. Product or service that has Kenyan citizens as end user (can be delivered through a third party company or organization)
    4. Product or service that addresses at least one of the Vision 2030 social economic pillars

    In the first call for proposals in 2011, 170 applicants participated, 88 were considered for review and 11 were selected as finalists. In 2015, participation was up to 338 entries.

    Majority of participants are between 26 -35 years old. Like many ICT competitions and awards, women make up about 15% of participants.

    Selection process

    A panel of experts are invited to review and select winners from the proposals submitted. All proposals are submitted online. The panel meet for 2-3 days and review and score evidence submitted for each proposal that meets the criteria. They then deliberate and select runner-up and winners for the awards.

    The selection process is monitored and audited by auditing firm.

    The winners and runner ups are presented with trophies at an award ceremony during the Connected Summit.


    The awards have always been sponsored by some of the most innovative companies in Kenya. Their sponsorship demonstrate their commitment to supporting excellence and creativity in Kenya’s ICT sector.

    Sponsor Year
    Accenture Development Partnership (ADP) 2011
    Safaricom 2012
    Google Kenya 2013
    IBM and UNDP 2014
    Konza 2015

    Past Awards

    The Awards have recognized innovative ideas that have since grown into some of the most recognizable tech start-ups in Kenya.

    2015 ICT Innovation Awards Sponsored by Konza Technocity Development Authority (KTDA)

    Overall winner: Totohealth for Totohealth in the Health Care Delivery category

    Company Product V2030 Pillar
    Boresha Smart series educational software Education and Training
    Mobi Changa Financial Services
    Totohealth   Totohealth Health Care Delivery
    Kejahunt Housing and Urbanisation
    Kuhustle IT & Telcoms
    m-shamba m-shamba Local and International Trade

    2014 ICT Innovation Awards Sponsored by IBM and UNDP

    Overall winner: Eneza Education for Eneza education platform in the Education and Training category

    Company Product V2030 Pillar
    The Mediae Company Shamba Shape Up Agriculture
    Eneza Education Eneza Education and Training
    MCUAC Enterprises (runner up) sukuul e-learning outsource  
    Digital Vision Chamasoft Financial Services
    The Mediae Company HAKI – the mobile game Gender, Youth and Vulnerable Groups
    Kenya Medical Supply Authority (KESMA) and MicroClinic Technologies ZiDi - Automating Quantification and Forecasting of Essential Drugs in Public Facilities in Kenya Health Care Delivery
    Nasoft Technologies Ma3Route Housing and Urbanisation
    FlashCast Ventures (runner up) Enabling Smart Urban Transit In Nairobi. Housing and Urbanisation

    2013 ICT Innovation Awards Sponsored by Google

    Overall winner: Olivine Technology for ASim in the Wholesale and Retail Trade category

    Company Product V2030 Pillar

    Youth Agro-Environmental


    Yagrein blog Agriculture
    Digital Divide Data Impact Sourcing

    Business Processing

    Outsourcing (BPO)

    Kiasa Techonlgies Kilimo-Online County Focus
    Digital Divide Data Deaf Aid Training Program Education and Training
    Web Tribe JamboPay Financial Services
    Technobrain M-Secured Solutions

    Gender Youth and

    Vulnerable Groups

    Iridium interactive TIBU Health Care Delivery
    Duma Works

    Social equity and

    poverty reduction

    KenyaBuzz KenyaBuzz RAHA Tourism
    Olivine Technology ASiM Wholesale and Retail Trade

    2012 ICT Innovation Awards Sponsored by Safaricom

    Overall winner: Medisoft East Africa for Teleradiology in the Health Care Delivery category

    Company Product V2030 Pillar
    Greeen Dreams TEch iCow Agriculture
    Digital Divide Data DDD Digital Management Operators (DMOs) Prorgam

    Business process


    Kuza Biashara SME Capacity Building Service Education and Training
    Tusqee Systems (Runner Up) School SMS Education and Training
    Digital Horizons Cleanbill Payroll & Accounting Services Financial services
    PlusPeople Kenya (runner up) Uhasibu Financial services
    Michezo Africa Gender youth and vulnerable groups
    Medisoft East Africa Teleradiology Health Care Delivery
    The International Clinic (runner up) Health Care Delivery
    ALIN Maarifa Centers Social equity and poverty reduction
    Compulynx (runner up) e-voucher solution Social equity and poverty reduction
    MamaMikes Wholesale and retail trade
    Ringier Kenya (runner up) Wholesale and retail trade

    2011 ICT Innovation Awards Sponsored by Accenture Development Partner (ADP)

    V2030 Pillar
    Company Product
    International Livestock Research Institute Index Based Livestock Insurance Agriculture Business Process Outsourcing/Offshoring
    Horizon Contact Centers Ltd HK_v1 Platform Business Process Outsourcing/Offshoring
    Ushahidi Ushahidi Education and Training
    Virtual Essence Ltd MsingiPACK E-learning/E-revision solution for upper primary under 8-4-4 syllabus Education and Training
    Mobikash Afrika Limited MobiKash Financial Services
    Space Kenya Networks LTD :: Social Media Applications Gender, Youth and Vulnerable Groups
    Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi Electronic Health Management Information System Health Care Delivery
    Anniversary Lab Security Master System Housing and Urbanisation
    Mbetsa Innovations Ltd SMS Mobile vehicle car tracking and security system Manufacturing
    Websimba Ltd Eat Out Kenya Tourism

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