Connected Summit 2016 to give back to Local Community through CSR

Kwale Girls library gets stocked up, gets promise of a new computer lab

Kwale: In the Spirit of giving back to the Local Community through the initiative Donate-a-Book and Connect-a-Community, Kwale Girls High School on the 23rd March 2016 received curriculum books donated by both the Public and Private Sector through Connected summit 2016.
The ICT Authority Ag. Chief Executive Robert Mugo presented the books to BahatiGattana Principal Kwale Girls High School.
Mr Mugo was accompanied by senior officials from ICT Authority, the Ministry of ICT as well as some of the participants at the Connected Summit 2016. It is the second time that the ICT Authority and its partners are making efforts to improve the quality of learning for students in Kwale. In 2015, there wasa donation of books to Kwale Boys High School.
He impressed on the students and teachers of Kwale Girls High School to embrace technology, which would give them a competitive edge not just locally but also globally. Mr Mugo noted that the different disciplines taught by the teachers as well as the areas that the students will pursue can be further enhanced by use of ICT.
“You all have valuable assets and you can unlock that using ICT. The sky is the limit, let nobody tell you that you cannot do anything. Do not be afraid of technology, do not be afraid of ICT,” he told the staff and students of Kwale Girls High School.
Eunice Kariuki Director of Partnerships, Innovation and Capacity, ICT Authority also noted that ICT was a big equalizer, saying that it gave students and teachers access to the same content used by their counterparts from the best of schools not just in Kenya but the world.
“What technology is doing is making it possible for us to learn same content as those tough Ivy League Universities. In fact you can assess what the top schools in Kenya locally are being taught. Some of these schools are already uploading their content online,” she said.
MsKariuki also gave a word of encouragement, telling them to always make the right choices even when faced with tempting choices.
“You will be tempted to snooze your alarm and snuggle a little more but there is a voice at the back of your mind always telling you the right thing. Listen to that voice. Do not ignore it. They are the same voices that will carry you through many places. Stay the course and do your bit and everything will fall into place,” she said.
At the function, MsGattana expressed gratitude of the gesture made by ICT Authority and its partners to equip the school’s library. She however made an appeal to help set up a computer lab. Currently, she said, the school has four computers that have to be shared among the 804 students in the schools.
MsKariuki said she would mobiliseICT industry players so as to get computers for the lab.
“We have heard the cry of the girls that they want to be able to use internet and ICT to compete with other students nationally and internationally. I will call upon our partners to partner with us to build a computer lab for Kwale Girls and equip it with computers,” she said while addressing the students.
“In the few moments since your principal made the plea, we have gotten donations for five computers. We will be glad to receive more and hopefully we shall be back to deliver them.”
The Initiative to equip the school’s library was geared improving access to good education amidst the challenges faced by the schools in the county. According to data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, only 10 per cent (64,000 out of 649,931) of its population having access to secondary Education.
The ICT Authority will continue turn around access to good education and appreciates yourcontinuous support by donating curriculum books and any other Suitable reading materials to support this noble course will go a long way in empowering our local communities. You can also help us make a reality the dream of Kwale Girls to have their own lab by donating computers.
Kindly drop the donations to ICT Authority offices, Teleposta Towers 12TH floor or get in touch with Linet Kwamboka on email or Call 0772180698. Ends

Kwale Girls High School CSR

List of Books

  • English

    1. General Reading
    2. Excelling In Eng Bk 1-4
    3. Headstart English Bk 1-4
    4. Oral Literature For Secondary Schools
    5. Poertry For Secondary Schools
    6. Composition Writing Book
    7. Guide To The Betrayal In The City
    8. Guide To Caucasian Chalk Circle
    9. Guide To The River And The Source
    10. Guide To The Whale Raider
    11. Poems From East Africa= Dawd Cook And Rubediri
    12. Topmark Revision English New Edition
    13. Gateway Revision English New Edition
    14. English Dictionary-Oxfor/old
  • Mathematics

    1. Mathematcis Dictionary
    2. Mathematics For Kenya Schools Series I.E.F1,F2,F3,F4
    3. Backhouse.
  • Business Studies

    1. Questions Answers B/Studied- 97 Copies
    2. Inventor B/Studies
    3. Book 1 – 4
    4. Book 1- 180 Copies
      • Book 2 180 Copies
      • Book 3 180 Copies
      • Book 4 180 Copies
    5. Dynamics Of B/Studies
    6. A+ B/Studies
    7. General Reading Bks
    8. Quick Reading Bk 3-120 Copies
  • Agriculture

    1. Klb Agriculture
    2. Form 1,2,3,4
    3. Macmillan Agriculture
    4. Form1,2,3,4
    5. Certified Agriculture
    6. Form 1,2,3,4
    7. Topmark Agricuture
    8. Text It & Fix It Agrc
    9. Quick Reading
    10. Agriculture Charts
    11. Agriculture Dvds
    12. Agriculture Projectors
    13. 2 Tractors.
  • Biology

    1. Course Book
    2. Klb –Biology (Fi-F4) Course Book
    3. Oxford-(Biology(Fi-F4) Course Book
    4. Revision Materials
    5. Get It Right- Biology
    6. Peak-Biology
    7. Principles Of Biology Vp; 1&2
    8. Break Thouugh-Biology F1-4
    9. Charts
    10. Biology Charts –All Topics
    11. Practicals
    12. Golden Tips Practical
  • Geography

    1. Certificate Geograpy Form 1-4 (Oxfor Publishers)
    2. Text Lit And Fixdit(Geography)
    3. Golden Tips Geography (Revision Bk)
  • Kiswahili

    1. Isimu Jamii Kwa Wanafunzi Wa Secondary
    2. Taaluma Ya Ushairi (Kitula King’ei)
    3. Ijaribu Na Uikarabati (Reference Bk)
    4. Durusu Kiswahili (Reference Bk)
    5. Kamusi Ya Karne 21
  • C.R.E

    1. Living The Promise Bk 1-4
    2. Topmark Cre Revision
    3. Gateway Ire Revision
  • I.R.E

    1. Foundation In Ire Form 1-4
    2. A Guide To Islam Form 1-4
    3. Islam In Focus (Reference Bk)
    4. Quraishyt Bk 1 And 2
  • Chemistry

    1. Klb Course Bk 1-4
    2. Kcse Master Piece Revision 1-4 Chemistry By Obuong Sio
    3. Chemistry Master Piece Practical (Bk 4)
    4. Star Secondary Revision By Paul Mburu
    5. Principles Of Chemistry 1-4
  • History

    1. History And Government Bk 1 East African Publ
    2. Evolving World Bk 1-4
    3. Milestones In History Bk 3
    4. General History Of Africa (Unesco)Vol 1-7