Detailed Program

Theme:Bridgingthe Service Gap

Dates: Sunday March 20 - Thursday March 24
Day 0: Sunday March 20
Morning Session Arrivals
Afternoon session Golf( 13:00Hrs - 17:30Hrs) Women in ICT Networking Cocktail (16:00PM - 16:30PM)
Welcome Dinner
Day 1: Monday March 21
National ICT Projects (Plenary) (10:30am - 13:00hrs, Dr. Meister)
Name Position Company role
Laura Mburu Caucus on Infrastructure Caucus Member speak
Dr. Margaret Nyambura Caucus on Info-Structure Caucus Member speak
Ajay Alva Caucus on Capacity Caucus Member speak
Fiona Asonga/ Esther Muchiri Caucus on Industry Caucus Member speak
Mary Kerema ICTA on Standards Caucus Member speak
Prof Waema Caucus Chair Caucus Chair Speak
John Walubengo Caucus Member Caucus Member Moderate
Infrastructure for a Smart Kenya (14:00hrs - 15:30hrs, Dr. Meister)
Francis Wangusi Director General CA speak
John Walubengo Founding Dean, Faculty of Computing, Multimedia University Telkom speak
John Tanui CEO Konza City speak
Michael Nzomo Business Development Manager Airtel speak
Fiona Asonga CEO TESPOK moderate
Data, Biometrics and Privacy (14:00hrs - 15:30hrs, Jumuika)
Reuben Kimotho Director National Registration Bureau speak
Alice Odera CEO Tano communications speak
Richard Miano Maina Director Parliamentary Affairs speak
Moses Karanja Research Fellow Strathmore University Speak
Livingstone Inditie Corporate Account Manager HP Moderate
Univeral Service Fund (15:45hrs - 17:00hrs, Dr. Meister)
Catherin Ngahu Chairperson Universal Service Advisory Council CA speak
Irene Mbari-Kirika Founder inABLE speak
Adam Lane Director of Sustainability Programs Huawei speak
Daniel Obam National Communications Secretariat moderate
Public Wifi.. now what? (addressing what is the Internet for?) (15:45hrs - 17:00hrs, Jumuika)
Stephen Maritim CEC ICT Nakuru speak
Bernard Neto CEO Tafsiri speak
Alex Wong Head, Global Challenge Partnerships World Economic Forum speak
Fernando Wangila ICT Director NTSA speak
Moses Kemibaro Founder & Managing Director Dotsavyy Moderate
Day 2: Tuesday March 21
National Billing System (8:00am - 10:00am, Dr. Meister)
Fidelis Muia CTO Kenya Bankers Association speak
Simon Gichuki Manager Central Bank of Kenya speak
Enock Kinara Postmaster-General Postal Corporation of Kenya speak
Harry Mwangi Project Manager ICTA speak
Alphaxard Kyalo Director General Accounting and ICT Services The National Treasury
Victor Malu Head, Future Financial Systems FSD moderate
Innovations Award(10:30 - 11:30hrs, Dr. Meister)
Enterprise Kenya Panel on Innovation (11:30am - 12:30hrs, Dr. Meister)
Mary Mwangi CEO Data Integrated Limited speak
Aaron Fu Managing Partner, Africa Nest Africa speak
Esther Muchiri National Project Coordinator International Trade Center
Rose Maghas Managing Director GREENBELL COMMUNICATIONS LTD speak
Larry Madowo Technology Editor NTV moderate
Keynote: PS ICT & Innovation(12:30 - 13:00hrs, Dr. Meister)
Government as a Platform (14:00hrs - 15:30hrs, Dr. Meister)
George Anyango Director Integrated Population Registration Services speak
Hargwings Omondi Bussiness Kenya Revenue Authority speak
Edwin Wanyama Ngero Assistant Manager ICT Applications KENTRADE speak
Joeseph Kanyua Master Principal Solutions Consultant Oracle speak
Ted Ogonda Regional Manager, Systems Engineerin CISCO speak
George Njuguna Head, Information Technology CBA moderate
Digital Literacy (14:00hrs - 15:30hrs, Jumuika)
Catherine Nyambala Board Director Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)
Caroline Wanjiku Managing Director Daproim Africa speak
Francis Warui Head teacher Kenya Primary Schools Headteachers' association speak
Joseph Murithii CEO SEACOM speak
Eunice Kariuki Director ICTA Moderate
Electronic Payments and the Future of Cash (15:45hrs - 17:00hrs, Dr. Meister)
Peter Muiruri Head of ICT NSSF speak
Danson Muchemi CEO JamboPay speak
Michael Kimani Block Chain Technology Bitcoin user speak
Sailesh Savani CEO Compulynx speak
Aaron Fu Managing Partner Nest moderate
How to Design Services (focusing on usability and access of digital solutions) (15:45hrs - 17:00hrs, Jumuika)
Angela Nzioki Country Manager Uhasibu speak
Ronald Osumba Head of public sector Oracle speak
Francis Gituru Business Development Manager, Enterprise Services Dimension Data speak
Ann Muigai UX Lead Equity bank moderate
Day 3: Wednesda March 22
The next billion online (8:30am - 10:00am, Dr. Meister)
Joe Mucheru Cabinet Secretary ICT Kenya speak
Rosemary Mbabazi PS Ministry of Youth and ICT Rwanda speak
Sammy Iteemere PS Broadcasting & Telecommunications moderate
The Role of ICT in Elections (10:30am - 11:00am, Dr. Meister)
Ezra Chiloba CEO IEBC speak
Why Gov IT Projects go wrong (10:30am - 11:00am, Dr. Meister)
Victor Kyalo PS, ICT and Innovation MoICT speak
Fatma Nabhany Head ICT KPA Speak
Celebrity Guest Speaker (10:30am - 11:00am, Dr. Meister)
Eric Kinoti CEO Shade Systems speak